Traditional hair removal in the western continents has been waxing or tweezing. Some people even enjoy the laser removal process. One new method that is taking place is the art of threading. While this has been commonly practised in other cultures it has only recently become recognised as a option for the western hemisphere. So what exactly is threading?

Threading is the practised technique of removing hair from the face, particularly the eyebrows, chin and moustache areas. While this is an ancient practice in India and other eastern cultures it has grown in popularity in the United Kingdom and the United States due to the crisp clean lines it creates allowing a very polished and symmetrical look to the eyebrows in particular.

The arrival of practising technicians in the United States has caused many a raised eyebrow in the beauty circles. Interest quickly grew in how ‘threading’ was done and what you needed to know to understand its merits. One of the best things about threading is that the hair will grow back lighter and thinner than the original hair. It also comes in slower than the un-threaded hair. This will increase the appearance of youth as well as reduce the amount of fine lines and wrinkles caused by traditional waxing methods. The threading technique is considerably better than tweezing the hair away with quick results and much less irritations. Threading can be used on all body parts that grow hair. Women especially like it for the removal of unsightly leg hair or under arm hair. Threading is a simple practice utilising a piece of cotton thread doubled and then twisted to pull the hair free in a very precise line. This technique has been a standard practice for Indian actresses, which has gained them the reputation of having beautifully shaped eyebrows. Once this threading technique was recognised by other cultures it quickly caught the attention of first other actresses, then actors and finally the mainstream ordinary masses
The next time you are in need of waxing or would like to have your eyebrows shaped you should consider threading and see what all of the buzz is about. Those people who have tried the threading technique never looked back on other known techniques. While the Indian culture is mysteriously beautiful this is one practice that we are all grateful that they have shared with the rest of us.


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